Wings Conference Center

Are you planning a meeting? We have what you need.

Board Room | Conference Room | Briefing Room | Shalom hall | Guest Rooms

Board Meeting Room

Let’s introduce you to our board meeting room. A perfect place to have a great meeting and happy minutes.

Briefing Room

Our briefing room has memories of several hundreds of important meetings. Use it for all your training requirements.

Conference Room

And, here’s our Conference Room. A perfect place to add a little professionalism to brilliant ideas.

Then there comes that need for a Function Hall that has a great ambiance.

Shalom Hall

This is our 500-seat capacity hall that’s fully carpeted, air conditioned, and equipped with audio-visual equipment.

And what if you even need a place to stay, and want it close to all your meetings?

Guest Rooms

Then make sure to check for availability for our 4 high grandeur Guest Rooms.