Wings Promotions

We believe in experience. “Before I buy, I must have a live experience.” If a consumer can have a physical experience with a product or service, it allows them to make a more informed decision on their purchase. Its our job to make sure your product or service gets into the hand of your target consumer.

Would you buy a phone without holding it? Or try a new atta with out tasting it? We a faithful to the brands we know and trust. With a live promotion we a reaching customers and providing them with an opportunity to build trust in your brand.

Standard Promotions

  • Corporate Activities
  • Mall activities
  • Joggers Park and Gym Activities
  • Instore Activities
  • Roadshows
  • Pub Activities
  • Apartment and RWA Activities
  • Petrol Pump Activities
  • Family Melas
  • Shandy Days/Haat Days
  • School and College Programs
  • Bike Tagging
  • Sandwich Men
  • Paper Inserts
  • Car Stickering
  • Lead Generations

Case Studies