-design & build

-site management

-mobile friendly

-SEO ready

Social Media

-personalised strategy

-community management

-creative content

-live event intergration

E-Mail Marketing

-design infographic EDM

-new product campaign

-product promotions

-analytics / metrics

Mobile & App Development

-design & build

-total integration

-android / iOS compatible

-customised strategy

Web Advertising

-personalised strategy


-mobile campaign

-integration with offline campaign


-customer identification

-behaviour tracking

-geo location

-refined communication strategy

The Wings Difference

Here at Wings Group we have over thirty years of experience in events, marketing, brand activations, and so much more. We are proud to introduce out latest venture Wings Digital. We have created Wings Digital to provide our clients with the best in service, and the latest in technology. What sets us apart? We combine both live interactions and online communities. Build hype before your next event or activation using social media and ensure a crowd. Then take it to your very own virtual community so the conversation never ends. Want to build your web presence? Contact us! We would love to  work with you to help strengthen your brand as well as connect you to your customer base both online and off.

Let’s chat!